Cloud Service


A challenge always faced by Acquirers/IOS/MSP is to manage their POS terminals efficiently and accurately including Smart Phones or mPOS. It is observed that most Acquirers/PSP/Merchant aggregators do not have the same terminal model or even work with the same POS Terminal manufacturer, making the management of the POS terminals and mobile POS terminals (mPOS) more complex.

Our team has developed the next-generation TMS platform called STORM – Smart Terminal Operations Remote Manager, which supports traditional POS, Android Smart Phones, Android POS, and mobile POS devices that make use of the Android Platform. As such, an integrated single point of entry system would oversee not only the Merchant but also serve as a Terminal Management System and as an interface with the manufacturer’s specific Terminal Management Systems. The solution retrieves data from the Merchant Management database to communicate with download management systems. It eliminates the need for multiple entries of merchant data into download systems for different device and mobile manufacturers. Such Terminal Management Systems can synchronize data in the Merchant Management System, download systems, improve data accuracy, and reduces help desk support costs with its single, user-friendly interface.

Smartpay – Android Payment Application

A standard, flexible, stable Android payment application (APK format), with a complete bank card transaction capacity, mobile payment capacity, and value-added features. It can be quickly connected to various payment systems, providing an excellent user experience. The user can make use of Smartpay and further enhance the features as per their requirement. The Smartpay App is an L3 complaint and has the features required for developing banking, billing, and retail applications. The following payment scenarios can be implemented using Smartpay

  • App Pay: Helps android applications running on Feitian Android POS devices which can collect money through different payment channels: cash, bank cards, mobile payments, cheques, etc.
  • Smartphone Pay: Helps android applications running on Android Smartphones connected to mPOS via Bluetooth which can collect money through different payment channels: cash, bank cards, mobile payments, cheques, etc.
  • ECR Pay: Helps the ECR running on the Windows system collect money using Bluetooth dongle pushing and receiving msg. To/From Feitian Android POS using our SmartPay Application.