About Access Computech Pvt. Ltd

We are a leading solution provider with over 25+ years of industry experience in providing customised and Innovative Solutions for Personalised Identification Systems. We customise integrated offerings to match customer needs and have gained experience and expertise in Attendance Recording, Access Control, Visitor Management and other hosts of allied services. We possess extensive experience in all the facets of industries from petrochemical, refinery, enterprises, steel, mining, power, instrumentation, electronics, engineering to textile.

We have a highly motivated team offering outstanding designs. We operate from various branches across the nation and easily adapt to the changing industrial landscape by embracing new technologies, thus constantly providing reliable and customer-focused solutions. We believe in giving our best to meet the highest standards of quality.


Year Established


Continuous Growth

32% (25 years) (CAGR 1994-2020)

ACPL Visibility

50 Million+ people using Access Products

Readers in Operation

2.2 Million+ (worldwide installations)

Pan India Sales and Service Network

18 Locations

Excellent Financial Stability

B+ Ratings from Dunn and Bradstreet SMERA SME1 xxxxxx


Highly motivated 100 + Team ACPL


Dedicated 12 hour Customer helpdesk center


Our Core Strength

  • Smart card and RFID domain Knowledge and expertise
  • Biometric Solutions
  • Finger print Minutiae Template Standardization (ISO/IEC 19794-2, ANSI/M1 378)
  • The fast fingerprint matching skill: match one hundred thousand fingerprints per second.
  • Minimum Capacity of Software Code & Template (one of the fastest matching and de-dup speeds)
  • UIDAI based authentication ecosystem, deployed 2200K, FP readers.
  • Face extraction algorithm
  • Android API, Windows, Linux
  • Empanelled with UIDAI as their software vendors.
  • Genetec certified team and services


Uncompromising patronising of Industry Giants, like RIL, TATA STEEL, ABB, BHEL, and 100 others for more than two decades.

ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 27001, and CMM Level 3 certified