Multi-Spectral Biometric Fingerprint scanner

Weatherproof Capable of recognizing damaged fingerprints user-supported. Turnkey solutions and software for Attendance, Access Control, BRIBS, Contract Labour Management, and Access Control Systems, Canteen Management, Visitor Management, Vehicle Tracking, and Cloud-based attendance solutions.


Software Solutions for Contract Labour Management System with

  • Centralized data management, with template management
  • The entire data is centralized
  • Expandable and fully customizable grouping and location control
  • One to One, or One person to a group
  • Location coding starting from country code, state code, district code, city code, place code
  • Multi-level profiles for access grant.
  • User-definable access control based on shift timings or location
  • Track and manage all exceptions
  • Store all-access history for proper flow analysis
  • Can Suspend inactive accounts after programmed days
  • Remove obsolete user accounts as soon as the user leaves the company
  • The communication protocol is TCP/IP, continuous broadcast

Electronic Attendance Register System (EARS)

  • True Windows Explorer Based.
  • Multitasking, Multi-user
  • Connectivity to other systems (ODBC)
  • Online & Window standard help.
  • Graphical presentation through MS Graph
  • Interconnectivity to other windows based applications (i.e. MS Word, Excel, etc)
  • Character mode support for Terminals.
  • Multiple Forms can be opened.
  • Lookup with search / Calendar.
  • Auto-shift scheduling.
  • Windows-based sub printer independent printing.
  • Mouse support.
  • Report printing from entry forms.
  • Flexible software with user-definable parameters.
  • Highly powerful Report Designer.
  • List of existing data on all entry forms.

Biometric Recognition, Identification and Blacklisting System (BRIBS)

BRIBS creates unique IDs from the Biometric data of Individuals, preventing multiple record creations and dependency on ID proofs. BRIBS helps Identify miscreants across all its client companies. (Previous Records of any Blacklisting will be displayed at the new employer if the past employer was part of the BRIBS network)

We provide Integration solutions for other Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Management, or CLMS/CLAS Systems like SAP.

Genetec Onboarding and Integration Solutions

We provide integration and onboarding solutions for the world-renown security software solution provider, Genetec. Genetec is well-known surveillance and access control system.

We provide integrations solutions for systems not directly supported by Genetec itself and Assist companies to integrate multiple data points, Like Hiring a person Enables Access Control Procedures, and Relieving a Person revokes Access Control Procedures.